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Burglar Alarm Systems - The 3 "M"s

Burglar alarm systems, residential and commercial, have advanced on 3 fronts (the 3 "M"s) over the past several years. These advancements have increased accessibility and interest from end-users. Burglar alarm systems have increasingly become more Mobile, Modular and Modern.

Mobile: Mobile access-to and management-of burglar alarm systems has become the standard. We prioritize the ease-of-use for our end users by providing them with a platform that they can access through a mobile app, website from any device and keypads that are intuitive and friendly to use. We have found that our end-users recognize the full set of benefits and functionality when they are able to access, manage, disarm / arm and view their devices from a method of their choosing.

Modular: The ability to add to a foundational system over time, and based on need / interest, is critical. We have carefully selected a platform and devices that allow our end-users to add additional items down the road - alarm sensors, thermostats, surveillance cameras, doorbells, door locks, sockets, lights and speakers. The modularity of our systems provides our end-users with flexibility and convenience to add to their systems when they have the need, ultimately allowing them to customize the system that's right for them.

Modern: Modern design and capabilities result in better end-user engagement and use of security systems. We use clean looking devices that are not obtrusive, bulky or unsightly. The functionality of our systems is done through touchscreen interfaces (keypad or mobile app) making the interface intuitive and easy-to-use. The installation by our team is effective and efficient. Customer support needs can often be addressed virtually, at a time convenient for our end-users.

Having witnessed and designed around these key themes, we have been able to develop a set of burglar alarm solutions that meet the needs of the diverse set of end-users we have. We are deeply committed to providing our end-users with the solution and experience they desire. Please contact us to design the solution that is right for you.

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