Security Camera

Video Surveillance Systems


  • Surveillance - Protect against break-ins, theft, robbery, and property damage.

  • Liability - Employee safety & management tool, equipment monitoring and insurance requirements.

  • Compliance - meeting industry specific compliance requirements/standards

  • Operations - coordinate & monitor key business operations and have access to real-time process management.


Applicable industries include, but are not limited too; Mining, Automotive Dealerships, Restaurants/Bars, Churches, Data Centers, Non-Profits, Condominium Complexes, HOAs, Pools, Small Businesses, Multi-Site Facilities, Industrial Complexes, and Schools.

Product Categories

  • Surveillance Cameras

  • NVRs/DVRs

  • Switches

  • Radios

  • Hard Drives

  • Battery Back-Ups

  • Maintenance Programs